The Top 5 Tech Sales Bootcamps to Launch Your Career

Getting into tech sales is one of the best career moves you can make right now. With high salaries, huge growth potential and abundant job opportunities, tech sales offers a clear path to professional success even without a college degree or previous experience. But where do you start? With so many sales bootcamp options out there, it can be overwhelming trying to identify the best programs that will set you up for success in the shortest time possible. In this comprehensive guide, we have researched and rated the top 5 tech sales bootcamps to find the ones that deliver results fast while providing the most value. Whether you’re looking for intensive Salesforce training or a flexible online program, this list has a top-rated bootcamp to launch your tech sales career. Let’s count down the top 5 programs and help you start selling your way to the top.

5. Clarisway

First up is Clarisway, which specializes in preparing students for Salesforce-related sales roles. Salesforce is a hugely popular CRM platform used by many businesses, especially in sales and marketing. With a 5/5 rating based on 300+ reviews on Career Karma, Clarisway is proven to set students up for success. The bootcamp takes 6 months to complete and costs $11,400. This makes it the longest and most expensive program on our list. However, for Salesforce-specific training, Clarisway delivers excellent specialized instruction. The bootcamp offers 3 total programs, with the most comprehensive being the $11,400 option. If you want to become a Salesforce sales expert, Clarisway is a smart choice.

4. Springboard

Springboard is a highly-rated 12-week remote bootcamp costing $5,000. With over 1,000 reviews and a 4.6/5 rating on Course Report and 4.6/5 across 500+ reviews on Career Karma, this is a proven path into tech sales. For half the cost of Clarisway, Springboard seems to deliver strong results in 3 months. The lower cost and shorter duration provide good value. There are also numerous video testimonials and reviews validating the program’s ability to land jobs. One downside is that Springboard doesn’t specialize in a particular sales niche like Salesforce. The training is more general. However, thousands of students have succeeded through the bootcamp, so it will prepare you well overall.

3. Careerist

Careerist is a 4-week bootcamp costing approximately $3,799. The accelerated format helps students start their sales career quickly. The program scores a 4.6/5 over 1,000+ reviews on Course Report. It also has a 4.7/5 rating based on 300+ reviews on Career Karma. Like Springboard, Careerist doesn’t focus on a specific sales vertical. Instead, the bootcamp delivers a fast-paced general sales education to get students interview-ready in just 1 month. There are many legit student testimonials available for Careerist across videos and major online platforms. This level of validation is a good sign. For less than $4,000, Careerist gets impressive results in only 4 weeks. It’s speed and affordability provide strong value.

2. Sales Platoon

Next up is Sales Platoon, which offers a free 12-week bootcamp exclusively for military veterans. Hence the name “platoon.” Sales Platoon earns glowing reviews, with a 4.95/5 rating on Career Karma. As a free program, it provides an incredible opportunity for veterans to break into tech sales. The main caveat is that “free” doesn’t mean unconditional. The organization likely makes money by referring the best graduates to partner companies. So while Sales Platoon itself costs no money, you need to put in serious effort and demonstrate competency to unlock the full value. But for military veterans, it’s a potential dream-come-true to launch a lucrative second career.

1. Course Careers

Earning the top spot on our list is Course Careers. This flexible 4-week online bootcamp costs only $500. That’s 1/60th the price of some competitors costing $30,000! Despite the incredibly low price, Course Careers delivers unmatched results. The program has earned a perfect 5/5 rating on Career Karma along with endless positive testimonials across platforms like LinkedIn and YouTube. CEO Troy Osinoff even offers a free sales training for those interested in learning more. We have an exclusive coupon code SHANE50 to get $50 off enrollment and pay just $450. For the price, flexibility, proven results and support, Course Careers simply can’t be beaten. It’s undeniably the #1 tech sales bootcamp.


Launching a lucrative tech sales career is possible for anyone thanks to these top-rated bootcamp programs. Whether you prefer comprehensive Salesforce training, a flexible online option or a free program for veterans, this list has a bootcamp to fit your needs. Start selling your way to career success and financial freedom by considering one of these highly-effective tech sales bootcamps for 2023. The next step is to research each program in-depth, choose the right bootcamp for you and get ready to crush your sales goals!