Building a Career in IoT: A Detailed Roadmap

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a rapidly growing industry that offers exciting career opportunities. In this article, we will discuss the key aspects of building a successful career in IoT including – understanding IoT, the importance and benefits of IoT, required skills and programming languages, roadmap to follow, top companies hiring IoT professionals and average salaries.

What is IoT and How it Works

IoT stands for Internet of Things. It refers to a network of physical objects or “things” that are embedded with sensors, software and connectivity to enable them to connect and exchange data over the Internet without requiring human intervention.

For example, you can remotely monitor and control IoT enabled home appliances like AC, lights, etc using a mobile app. The app sends instructions over the Internet to the IoT device which then takes actions like turning on the AC or lights.

So in simple terms, IoT gives physical things the ability to take intelligent decisions based on instructions provided to them digitally. This removes the need for manual intervention.

Importance and Benefits of IoT

There are several important benefits that IoT offers:

Enables Remote Monitoring and Control

IoT allows businesses to monitor their assets and processes remotely without being physically present. For example, package delivery companies can track locations of shipments in real-time.

Improves Operational Efficiency

IoT improves productivity and operational efficiency by automating tasks. For example, in smart warehouses, programmed carts and robots can automatically move packages without human involvement.

Enhances Customer Experience

IoT enabled products provide improved customer experience by being able to respond faster to customer needs. Customers don’t have to depend on a human agent.

Provides Additional Services

IoT enables companies to provide more services to their customers. For example, predictive maintenance, real-time tracking, etc.

However, there are some disadvantages like increased security risks, cross-device compatibility issues, large scale data management challenges etc. But these also create opportunities for IoT professionals to innovate solutions.

Skills Required for a Career in IoT

To build a successful career in IoT, you need to have expertise in the following areas:

  • Sensors and Embedded Systems: As IoT involves interacting with hardware devices, you need good knowledge of various sensors and embedded systems.
  • Programming Languages: You need to know languages like C, C++, Python, etc. to program the devices. Python is most popular due to its simplicity and vast libraries.
  • Hardware Programming: This involves coding to interact with the IoT device hardware like controlling motors.
  • Networking and Security: As IoT devices are connected over networks, knowledge of networking protocols and building secure networks is critical.
  • Cloud Computing: Managing thousands of IoT devices requires cloud computing skills, especially Microsoft Azure which has robust IoT offerings.
  • Big Data and Analytics: To derive insights from vast amounts of IoT data, big data skills like Hadoop, Spark etc. are required.
  • UX/UI Design: Building intuitive user interfaces for IoT applications requires UX/UI skills.

Roadmap to Build an IoT Career

Here are the steps you should follow to build a successful career in IoT:

  • Learn about various sensors and embedded systems.
  • Master programming languages like C, C++, Python.
  • Learn hardware programming specifically for IoT devices.
  • Understand networking protocols like MQTT, ZigBee etc. used by IoT devices.
  • Gain expertise in cloud computing platforms like Microsoft Azure, AWS IoT, etc.
  • Develop big data engineering and analytical skills.
  • Work on projects to get hands-on experience with IoT.
  • Create a portfolio of IoT projects to showcase your skills.
  • Earn industry certifications to validate your knowledge.
  • Apply for internships and entry-level roles in IoT companies.

Top IoT Companies in India

Some of the top companies in India hiring IoT talent are:

  • IT majors like TCS, Infosys, Wipro, HCL, Tech Mahindra
  • Product companies like L&T Technology Services
  • Startups like Zenatix, Altizon, Brillio etc.
  • Manufacturing giants with IoT divisions like Bosch, Siemens etc.

Average Salaries for IoT Professionals

As per AmbitionBox, the average salary of an IoT Engineer in India is ₹5 LPA for entry level roles. With 3-5 years of experience it can go up to ₹10 LPA. Highly skilled IoT Architects can earn ₹25 LPA or more.

So in summary, IoT offers exciting career and growth opportunities given its rising adoption across industries. With the right skills and dedication, you can build a rewarding career in IoT.


IoT is transforming businesses and changing how physical assets are monitored, controlled and optimized. Building expertise in IoT can open up a world of opportunities for technology professionals. This article provided a detailed roadmap to get started and advance your career in IoT.